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About this project


Traditional TV as we know it, is no more. Increased access and an almost unlimited supply of TV shows and series gives viewers more control. They increasingly watch the content they like on their own terms. Play by KPN finds a way to meet the needs of these modern viewers.


A new website with its own look, but with a hint of KPN.

Our collective challenge was to create a new website with something unique and identifiable for Play, but still identifiable with KPN. We created a signature visual style for the website and a new tone of voice. The subtle reference to KPN can be found in the use of color and typography, both similar to KPN’s own style elements.

With the new website we introduced the new service, which basically is an app that offers users a variety of possibilities. You can watch live TV, stream video on demand, record shows or even watch what has already aired. And last but not least: it comes with HBO, for more viewing pleasure. The website had to entice possible users and offer them the opportunity to try Play out for themselves. For free.


The result is a fully responsive website that tells a clear story and shows a strong personality. Now everyone is ready to play.

Project info

Stefan Veen

Soda studio

“A fun challenge, introducing a -at the time- still unknown new service that wanted to make a mark in the TV and on demand landscape. And explaining exactly what it is to potential users. Especially because you want to communicate the vast array of films and shows at the same time, as well as the personal touch Play was striving for. I think that – through intensive collaboration with KPN and hard work – we achieved just that.”

Leon van den Berg


“Our team of VD professionals really delivered a cool new style for Play. It was a fun challenge to base our designs on nothing more than campaign images and to retroactively restyle everything.”

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