Rabobank Kunstcollectie

Digital home for the Rabobank Art collection

About this case


Rabobank expands and nourishes it's art collection and asked us to give it a digital home fitting to it's ambitious and beautiful analog contents.


Bringing art and technology together!

Giving art a digital home opens up a wide range of possibilities in terms of user experience. We sought to create a minimalist and fluid interface so our visitors can indulge in the beauty of the artwork available in the collection.


A new home for Rabobank's Art collection. It became a fun place to experience contemporary art and it's a beautiful extension of the Rabobank brand.

Project info

Tobias van Geijn

Mister Koreander

"Art often needs some explanation. That’s where Mister Koreander came in. Whether it was an artwork description or an artist biography: we wrote all the texts for the website, in a tone-of-voice that suited the Rabobank. The biggest challenge? Describing elements of the artwork that are almost impossible to put in words. By keeping it simple and continuously adapting to the wishes of the Rabobank, we managed to do this."

David Bout


"In my opinion, the best thing we created for the Rabobank Art Collection to me is the fluid grid that shows all content from artists, artworks and exhibitions. The grid looks neat, is in line with the Rabobank corporate identity and can be filtered live on terms and type of content. In addition, it is also nice that you can see the artwork in detail at the highest possible quality. Scrolling over the works of art you can see the information about each piece.”

Mark van der Wiel

Soda studio

"In this design the central thought was creating a fully digital art experience that does justice to this collection. We did this by transporting all artwork, collections and artists in a flexible grid, through which you can endlessly scroll. By sorting this grid in a different way at every visit, the visitor will have a unique experience each time.

To really experience the works of art, we made it possible to zoom in to the smallest detail, so as to 'feel' every stroke of the brush.

Because the art collection contains so many works of art, there is something there for everyone. Not all visitors have the same level of knowledge or interest, and might not know exactly what to look for. Therefore we devised a search system which can intuitively filter through all content in the summary."

Other work

Play by KPN



Gettin' Triggi with it

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