Gettin' Triggi with it

About this project


A truly connected Internet of Things, that’s the promise of start-up Triggi. By connecting smart devices to other devices, apps and services, Triggi makes them even smarter. Triggi offers a service that make them work together seamlessly.


A new identity and interface for an IoT newbie with big goals.

Triggi’s team of tool tinkerers and techies partnered with us to create a truly unique identity and experience. By looking at the characteristics of Triggi -functional, relevant, easy to use and fun- we created values for a visual identity and user experience.

Our partnership yielded a brand brief, branded logo, visual toolkit, responsive design for tablets and desktops, and a communications strategy. We even thought of a tagline for future campaigns: Triggi, what’s your trigg?


A distinctive Triggi language which seamlessly blends with the online web service that Triggi aims to be: a big contributor to our future of connectedness.

Project info

Leon van den Berg


“Refine, refine and then refine some more. I went back to the drawing board many a time, but once I got it right I went with it. You want to be original, but also recognizable. I looked for colours that represented the brand values. Purple went best with all of the rest, so that’s the one I chose as the base colour. That’s the colour people are going to identify Triggi with, so I used it every time I could.”

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