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Zilveren Kruis and Makerstreet have been working together for years, and we're really proud of that. So when we were given the opportunity to create a whole new brand for them, we didn't think twice and got to work.


Building a new insurance brand isn't an easy task. It takes a lot of stakeholders on various levels to agree on a plethora of different choices. To make sure we were able to do so, we worked together in one team. Our Makers and our client's specialists joined hands in an Agile process to make choices and validate them with end users/customers. By working this way we perfected the art of Scrum and applied it to a much wider application than just digital production.


Agile everything!

From the first conceptual sketches to the final detailing strokes of the entire branding. From the first prototype to final product. And from innovation to marketing we did it all in one team. Maximising stakeholder buy-in and flexibility whilst maintaining a very short time to market and incredible attention to detail.


A striking contemporary online health insurance that has surpassed all expectations in regard to conversion, service and sales execution. Not only a commercial success, but also applauded among Makers.

Project info

David Bout


“We started with a large-scale colourful funnel that worked quickly and effectively, to further develop the corporate identity. Here we could go wild in terms of illustration and photography. In a way our 'top team' worked from back to front, which turned out to be a fun, interesting and ultimately successful way!"

"The interaction concept presents the proposition in all it's simplicity. We took a simple one-page as the basis and offered only three options. This way the customer can see at a glance what the possibilities are. An ideal start to find what you need and to purchase your insurance directly."

Mark van der Wiel

Soda studio

"When designing ZieZo, we kept in mind that customers should always be well informed when buying health insurance. Even if they're on their tablet or mobile phone. That’s why we designed the website to be compact and fully responsive. We kept the path from calculating your premium to buying it as short as possible. By choosing a compact one-page design it is possible to buy an insurance directly on the homepage."

Oscar Kuipers


"ZieZo. A great project in which our team was involved during the whole product life cycle. One multidisciplinary team for the development of the visual identity, product and marketing."

Deborah Scheffers


"Insurance doesn’t have to be boring! It can be fun, fast and easy, even on your mobile! What you see is what you get-mythology. ZieZo! We gave it a cheerful and fresh look through color, photography style, distinctive educational illustration style, simple storytelling and minimal layering in the website."

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