MakerStreet during COVID-19: remotely, at full strength

The Netherlands is gripped by COVID-19. Parts of economic life are on hold. And we need to deal with this new reality — intelligently. So we can guarantee our clients that their projects continue. Remotely, yes, but at full strength. Whether its development, CX design, user research, content production, marketing optimisation or brand strategy.

For some of our clients, working remotely takes some getting used to. We understand. Thankfully, our specialists are flexible and experienced. That's why they're so good at working from home. And they'd love to hook you up with digital tools and methods. So you can work at full strength from home as well. Even during a lockdown.

Wondering what remote working looks like for our experts? Wonder no more! In this remotely produced video you'll see how MakerStreet specialists have adapted to our new reality.

The MakerStreet network includes: Big Shots, Elements, Elevator, GoDo, MakerLab, Milkshake Research, Mr Koreander, Noun, Resoluut, Saxum, Soda, TechTribe, TouchTribe, Unplugged and WebFlight.

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