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MakerStreet adds technological strength by acquiring Elements

The MakerStreet network will be expanded with digital agency Elements. This agency is behind the robust, high-quality front & back end development of brands such as KPN, AvroTros, MiniBrew, Afterpay, the Municipality of Amsterdam, VNG, Intergamma and Vattenfall. The app for the "Wie is de Mol" television programme is a recent achievement.

Elements employs a total of 70 members of staff and has offices in Almere and Barcelona. This will bring MakerStreet’s total number of colleagues to 340. All of Elements’ shares will be transferred to MakerStreet, with Elements continuing to operate independently in line with the other agencies within MakerStreet. Elements will continue to do this from Barcelona and Almere. Elements’ current owners will become MakerStreet co-owners.

Erwin van Hasselt, Elements’ Managing Director, “The creation of digital products has formed part of our DNA ever since Elements’ launch back in 1996. The drive for continuous innovation is unprecedented in our market. It’s an absolute must! Scale is extremely important in order to be able to do this properly. You also need a mixture of various different competences and specialisms. We have found both within MakerStreet’s network of companies. The power of the network, including the individual specialties, offers unparalleled opportunities. This is a perfect fit and a fantastic step forward in terms of vision, focus, expertise and culture."

Joris van Heukelom, co-founder of the network, “MakerStreet builds on a large volume of digital skills, without compromising on the quality and focus of our services. We refer to this as full specialism. This means the selection of agencies which can join us is, by definition, quite limited. Elements is an extraordinary match as a technology pioneer. This expansion has allowed us to bring MakerStreet’s total operation up to a level of more than 320 makers and also means we’ll be adding a large volume of qualitative development capacity.. In addition, Elements is facilitating our first step across the border too, with a development branch in Barcelona."

MakerStreet was established in 2011 and is a network of various leading specialist agencies. MakerStreet accommodates all specialisms for improving brands, products and services and for differentiating these through digital excellence, digital production, design and innovation. MakerStreet is therefore a full specialism agency.

MakerStreet includes: Big Shots, Elements, Elevator, GoDo, MakerLab, Milkshake Research, Mister Koreander, Noun, Resoluut, Saxum, Soda, TechTribe, TouchTribe, Unplugged and WebFlight.

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