6 companies using 1 method : agile

We make successful results together

Ever wanted to build a rocket? Well now you CAN... in a purely symbolic way of course. But trust us, together we will be more explosive than a rocket, in terms of developing your brand. And it will leave a lot less oil stains.

We collaborate as 6 specialised agencies with one common belief. We believe that successful results are built together, with both you and your customers.

Our agencies each specialise in one step of your product's six step lifecycle. So you get the best Makers at every step.
Even with the right Makers at hand, you still need a successful process to achieve your goals. We use Agile (Scrum) every step we take. By doing so, we work through how your product should be developed. Together we will innovate, strategise, design, build, market and optimise.

Throughout every step we try and test until we know for sure your product is perfect.

1. Innovate

Seeing sparks? That means we’re going to build a ‘rocket’ together, the Agile way. Using our expertise in things like lean product development, innovation acceleration and corporate innovation, we strategise, execute and then validate our spark. If it passes our standards we move on to the next level. If we change our minds (it happens) we go back the necessary steps.

2. Strategise

Flying a rocket isn't an easy task. All infrastructures are prepared to support your flight but most importantly, we need to make sure everyone shares and supports the mission.

In Agile terms: we help your product owner in getting the organisation ready. If you need to speed up innovation, we can even deliver interim product ownership.

3. Design

This is when we get creative, we work out how your product is going to work, look and feel. And then? Let's say it together: strategise, execute, validate and repeat until it’s perfect... then we move on to the build.

4. Build

The fourth part of the cycle is to build. This is where all the creativity is translated into a construction.

Going from design to build, our strategy and executions merge. Our rocket undergoes a transformation, where processes are followed step by step to make the final build efficient and successful.

5. Market

We are done building (YEAH!), so now we move on to marketing. In this step we focus on communicating how valuable your new product will be to your customers (and it’s pretty valuable).

6. Optimise

The final step of your product's lifecycle is all about getting the most out of your work, tweaking and polishing it so that every last bit is working at its best. Yes, we mean business. This is where the money is.

And then what?

Like in any cycle the end of the Product Life Cycle is also the beginning. From optimisations we gain insights that will lead to (you guessed it) innovations.

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