We use cookies on our website to distinguish you from other visitors. This is a small file that we store in your browser or computer if you agree to it. These cookies make our website smoother and faster. In addition, it provides us with the information with which we can constantly improve the website and your visit.

What types of cookies do we use?

Functional or necessary cookies

These cookies ensure that the website works well and smoothly. It streamlines your visit. These functional and necessary cookies do the following:

  • Remember the permissions you have given for the collection of your data.

  • Saved browser settings so that you can view our website optimally on your screen.

  • Remember that you have already applied for a particular vacancy.

  • They ensure a uniform load on the website so that it is easily accessible and remains optimal.

Analytical cookies

We also use analytical cookies with the help of third parties. These cookies help us to better understand our visitors. They give them insight into how often our website is visited, which pages are popular and where we can improve the site. These analytical cookies do the following:

  • They make your IP address anonymous.

  • They keep track of technical features around your visit. Think of the browser you use, the resolution of your screen and the language preference on your computer.

  • They tell us from which page you came to our website.

  • They tell us when and how long you visit or use our website.

  • They tell us if you use the functionality of our website.

  • They show if our communication is read.

Marketing cookies

We also use marketing cookies. These cookies are used to show personalized advertisements. This way, we show advertisements that are not relevant to you. You can find these advertisements on websites of third parties. Think of social media channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok. These cookies make it possible for us to:

  • Keep track of which advertisements you've already seen.

  • Keep track of how many times you've seen an advertisement.

  • Prevent you from seeing the same advertisement repeatedly.

  • Keep track of whether you click on the advertisements.

  • Keep track of whether you apply after clicking on an advertisement.

  • Measure whether you read our communication and which links you click on, so we can make our communication as relevant as possible for you.

  • Combine your online browsing behavior and build segments based on this (combined) data, regardless of which device you use.

  • Based on the built‑up segments, estimate your advertisement interests and adjust the advertisements on third‑party websites accordingly.

We use cookies from Google AdWords to measure how many completed forms we receive on our website via Google advertisements (we call this: conversions). We use Google's advertising options to advertise on our main web pages. AdWords cookies help us understand the scores of these pages. We then use this information to improve advertising. Initially, these cookies take place via the search engine. Google Adwords cookies can also be used to display our advertisements. We use LinkedIn Ads cookies to measure how many forms have been completed by web visitors coming via LinkedIn. This cookie is also used for remarketing. People who have visited our website can therefore see an advertisement from us on their Linkedin timeline. We use Google Dynamic Remarketing for remarketing. This cookie keeps track of which advertisements you have already seen and what you have clicked on, so that we do not show you the same advertisement again. With this cookie we try to match our advertising offer as much as possible to your wishes.