Three target groups, one tailor-made website: Fugro's global platform.


Fugro, a global company and specialist in geodata, has ambitious plans in the world of sustainable energy, such as contributing to the safe and efficient construction of offshore wind farms. With a presence in 60 countries and a team of approximately 11,000 employees, Fugro plays a crucial role in the transition to sustainability. We pooled our expertise in strategy, design, development, and marketing to support Fugro in this transition.

Casting aside complexity and information overload

Fugro was in search of a partner for the strategy, design, and development of their new corporate website. The old platform was too complex and cluttered with unnecessary information, making it challenging for visitors to find what they were looking for. This resulted in a frustrating user experience and had a negative impact on the brand's perception.


From homepage-centric to journey-centric

To maintain the audience's engagement, we crafted distinct journeys for each target group (prospective and current customers, job applicants, and investors), taking into account their unique needs. This instigated a shift from a homepage‑focused approach to a concentration on customer journeys.

In close collaboration with the Fugro team, we developed a shared vision and devised concepts for both the 'product' and the 'brand.' We established a flexible technology stack with independent modular components. This enabled us to select the best components for each function and anticipate future requirements.


Navigating towards success

Fugro's new website reflects the company's core values and offers a comprehensive experience for all target audiences. The result is a platform with a compelling narrative and a clear vision that attracts and encourages people to explore Fugro's possibilities. Users can start on various pages, and thanks to the different journeys, each group is guided in their exploration with engaging content and comprehensive information. We call this cross‑linking. It's based on data‑driven conversion to continuously enhance the platform based on user behavior. The ultimate goal is a seamless customer journey that guides every visitor to the right destination.

"We've transformed Fugro's new corporate strategy into a website concept that harmonizes both in terms of content and visuals with their global ambitions and energy transition objectives. This fruitful collaboration spans strategy, design, technology, and marketing, resulting in a well‑organized platform that offers seamless access to various contact options."

Lennart Bruger, Design Lead

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