A digital revolution in the tooling industry.

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Whether it's a hand hammer or a powerful high‑pressure cleaner, Fixami has everything you need to get the job done. Through their innovative e‑commerce platform and extensive, exclusive range, Fixami caters to both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. We assisted Fixami in setting a new standard in a traditional industry. We achieved this by creating an entirely new brand for the entire European market, from strategy and architecture to visual identity and website.

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A new brand identity

Fixami aims to become the leading online supplier of tools in Europe. Enter MakerStreet. Together, we embarked on shaping the new brand and e‑commerce platform.

With its online store, Fixami sets itself apart from the competition. As experts in online operations, Fixami shares a crucial similarity with its customers: craftsmanship. Its new mission, 'Making Better,' establishes a simple yet powerful connection with the customers. 'Creating Better' takes center stage in Fixami's new and rich brand identity, entirely focused on serving customers online. Employing a personalized approach to provide optimal assistance and support in their craft, Fixami maximizes the benefits of online services in a traditionally offline industry.

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From brand to product

Creating a strong brand presence is important, but optimizing the user experience throughout the entire customer journey is crucial. But what do Fixami's current and future customers really want? By identifying the target audience, testing the website's user‑friendliness, and thoroughly analyzing purchasing behavior, we've discovered what is most effective for Fixami's audience. Based on this, we've designed the ideal customer journey, from the first touchpoint to the product detail page, from the checkout process to the search function.

Furthermore, we supported Fixami's team in optimizing all marketing efforts. This began with strategic sessions to determine the key success factors of their website. We then assisted in setting up a measurement plan and implementing the right tagging.


Creating Better

Breathing life into a new brand identity on a revamped e‑commerce platform, Fixami is poised to realize its international ambitions with a new platform that caters to all the needs of professional DIY enthusiasts.

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Fixami - Toolbox

Award-winning design

The result speaks for itself. The new logo was honored with a European Design Award Gold.

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"At Fixami, we have translated the new brand into a new converting design. Despite their existing expertise, we took additional steps together in the smart presentation of the assortment and the implementation of a digital toolbox. Particularly, the implementation of the digital toolbox has increased user engagement. This proves that even in successful e‑commerce organisations, there is always room for improvement and innovation."

Miriam Pfeiffer, UX Strategist

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