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Innovating for pensioners-to-be

Nationale-Nederlanden wanted to serve a valuable target group with their innovation strategy 'Carefree Retirement'. We helped NN to develop, test and conceptualize that strategy.

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proposition Design
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Made Possible by These Specialists

In this case, our agencies provided innovation strategy, concept development and design.


Research & Innovation Strategy


Growth Strategy


Concept Development & Brand Design & Content Strategy


Front-end Development & UX Design

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Mapping Out Needs and Values

The near-retirees of the Netherlands are not green, but certainly not gray. Reassessing their lives is what their lives revolve around. Together with NN, we mapped out their new needs and values through dedicated research. This research provided tools for developing a number of ambitious innovation projects.

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Friend: A Platform Against Loneliness

Friend is the place to make new friends. Who wouldn't want to meet new people with the same interests? Together with NN, we developed this complete platform from concept to launch.

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A word from our specialists

"As one team, we tackled the unknown and trusted the process. It led to products that are valuable for the target group and therefore also for the business."


Priscilla Huang

Strategy Lead

Wyz: A Media Brand That Teaches You to Reassess Your Life

A media brand that discovers what this new target group is interested in through click behavior. We developed the complete showcase for this innovation project. The brand name, brand identity, platform, editorial formula and content.

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Roderick Martens

Founding Partner & Strategist

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